Saturday, 15 October 2016

Benefits of and precautions for bamboo flooring in Melbourne

The flooring can contribute towards the aesthetic appeal of a room in a variety of ways. The flooring if correct, can uplift the room. Flooring is an element of the interior that can give a certain character to the place. If yo want to give a cosy, country cottage like feel to the room you choose a moderately dark woody burgundy colour. However, if you are looking to give the room a more modern feel, you may opt for lighter oak coloured hues.   

Bamboo is an eco- friendly material for flooring as it comes from bamboo trees. Bamboo offers a lot of flexibility in terms of colour as it is available in both light and dark hues. In addition, bamboo flooring is very durable as it is more resistant to water and staining as compared to hardwood floors. Moreover, Bamboo flooring in Melbourne is quite easy to maintain and clean as well. All you need to do is sweep and mop the floor and you are done. 

Laminate flooring in Melbourne is very popular among people prone to dust allergies and hay fever. The reason is that dust does not get trapped in bamboo floors it only settles on the surface. Which can easily be wiped away. Moreover, it is available in so many varieties in terms of price that a lot of people can afford bamboo flooring. In addition, it can be conveniently installed. 

There are a few ways you may go wrong with the bamboo flooring. Firstly, you could select poor quality bamboo. This can happen if you do not know what to look for. Some types of bamboo floors were made with formaldehyde, which meant they were dangerous. In addition, before installation of Bamboo flooring, the sub- floor needs to be well prepared. It must be cleaned and evened out. Moreover, you should not tap bamboo planks unless you have been advised by the manufacturer. Because the planks have a locking system with can be easily damaged by unnecessary tapping.


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