Monday, 26 December 2016

How to unblock blocked sinks and WC in London!

Once in a while, we have witnessed blocked sinks in London, and they are not a pretty sight. Also, they are rather inconvenient and create a lot of mess on the surfaces. The kitchen sink may get blocked due to greasy things being deposited into the sink. Even washing fresh meat in the kitchen sink can block it. This may usually happen during festivities when we tend to pull out all the stops on the greasy food. We seriously recommend you hire the professionals for unblocking any blocked sinks in London.

Our bathroom sinks may get blocked once in a while as well. That is usually the case when we tend to brush our hair in the bathroom and forget to remove the hair, which gets stuck and voila, you have a blocked bathroom sink. Sometimes you may have borne witness to a blocked WC in London. This usually happens when you try and dispose of sanitary napkins in the WC and they get stuck in the U-bend.

Sometimes, tissue from the loo roll may even get stuck in the toilet. Children like throwing toys in the WC and try flushing them down, but they get stuck. A blocked WC in London or anywhere in the world, is very inconvenient, especially if you have only one toilet facility in the house and more than one occupant. Even if you are the only occupant you still need to use the WC at three times a day. In this situation, you need to actively get your blocked WC, unblocked as soon as possible.

You could try to DIY unblocking your blocked sink and WC, however, we advise against. We suggest hiring professional plumbers to do the work for you. The reason is that they have the required experience and expertise needed in unblocking blocked sinks and blocked WC in London. They have a thorough understanding of the equipment and chemicals as well as the procedures required for unblocking drains. If you have a blocked WC or any blocked sinks in London, we suggest you hire the plumbing experts.


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