Thursday, 22 September 2016

Laminate and bamboo flooring provide a stain resistance solution

The floor is an integral part of any building and the most used as well. Certain flooring types are suitable for different buildings. Flooring can be a lot of different types. We choose flooring based on our needs of durability, usage and aesthetic appeal as well as  affordability.

Laminate flooring in Melbourne is quite common for all the advantages it has to offer.  Firstly, laminate flooring is the toughest in terms of scratch and stain resistance as compared to other flooring types such as carpets and hardwood floors. It is ideal for people with big families. Moreover, it is easy to install as all that needs to be done is cut it and click it together. If you get a professional to do it for you, it will take a couple of days, however, if you decide to do it yourself there is a possibility it will take longer. Furthermore, laminate floors are easy to clean and very hygienic because they do not accumulate dust and dust mites in them like carpet floors. Additionally, it is an economical option for flooring.

A type of laminate flooring is Bamboo Flooring in Melbourne which is made of the food of panda i.e. bamboo tree. The bamboo trees used for making flooring are grown for five years. Bamboo flooring comes in mainly three kinds of finish glossy, matte and no stain. These finishes give bamboo its distinct color and add character to the place they are in. The benefits of bamboo floors are similar to any laminate floor. Bamboo floors are extremely healthy and environmentally friendly. However, the flooring must not be mixed up with mats of the same material which are made of interwoven bamboo reeds.

Whenever deciding what flooring to choose for your living space take into account what that space is used for and what type of foot traffic it will see on a twenty- four hour basis and use that to decide what type of flooring is suitable for you.


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